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C. Bowen
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Favourite genre of music: Hard rock, metal, industrial, EBM, goth, the odd movie soundtrack...
Favourite style of art: Digital, comic-ish
Operating System: KDE or Windows, depending...
MP3 player of choice: Sony big black bricky thing
Shell of choice: Unexploded.
Wallpaper of choice: *Chews wallpaper* Nope...wallpaper's not good eating...
Skin of choice: Crispy potato skins with cheese
Favourite cartoon character: EARTHWORM JIM! (from the soil he did crawl...)
Personal Quote: "Really? Splendid."
Turns out, if my old journal entries are to be believed, that this one was made back in the dawn of time by :iconjrock-prophet: and myself back when we were young warthogs. So I thought I'd do it again, Comic Characters edition.

1. Five
2. Karb
3. Terri
4. Sammie
5. Spark Plug
6. Razorback 
7. Curtains
8. Chinstrap
9. Roadman
10. Ghenghis Matilda

1. 6 (Razorback) opens a fashion store and gets 2 (Karb) and 10 (Matilda) to be the main models for the advertising campaign. What happens?
It's a clothing store for badass peacocks, actually. Matilda's probably quietly amused by the whole thing, and makes comments to her son Karb about how she used to wear stuff like that all the time 'back in her day'.

2. 3 (Terri) comes home and finds 9 (Roadman) asleep in his/her bed. What happens?
She's a little confused, but concludes it's something to do with her father and Roadman going out drinking late, and Roadman being too drunk to walk home and so getting given the only other bed in the house, possibly because she's basically moved out anyway. She goes and stays round at Karb's house.

3. 1 (Five), 7 (Curtains) and 4 (Sammie) get into a match of strip poker. What happens?
Curtains, as a gay man playing strip poker with two women, finds himself woefully devoid of eye candy, so he does what he always does when bored and sighs and rolls his eyes. He's also winning because he has the best poker face of the decade. Sammie loses, because she sucks at poker on a level quite beyond anything anyone has ever witnessed. Five, while she has no particular desire to see her childhood best friend Curtains butt-naked, is still playing to win because she WILL beat him and poker some day, dammit.

4. 5 (Sammie)'s car has broken down on a lonely road and 6 (Razorback)'s house is the only place nearby where there is a phone. What happens?
The phone's probably not working, phones not exactly being reliable in the wasteland. This being the case, they drink whiskey, and lots of it.

5. 8 (Chinstrap) dies. What is the manner of their death?
"Ah came int' world naked, screamin' and covered in someone else's blood, and ah've got no problem wit' goin' out' same way!" ...In actuality, dies aged 85 surrounded by loved ones, because he's just too hardcore to die to anything the world can actually throw at him.

6. What does 4 (Sammie) say at 8's funeral?
Aww, he was an awesome guy. The things we accidentally destroyed together...

7. Out of 1 (Five), 10 (Matilda) and 5 (Spark Plug), who would 7 (Curtains) pull on a night out?
Not sure he'd get anywhere actually pulling him, but if Spark Plug were a) single and b) more interested in men, he'd probably be exactly Curtains's type.

8. 2 (Karb) decides to go back into education. What course do they take?
Mechanical engineering, it's pretty obvious.

9. 3 (Terri), 6 (Razorback), 8 (Chinstrap) and 9 (Roadman) start a band. Who plays what?
Terri - Bass
Razorback - vocals, rhythm guitar, tight leather pants.
Chinstrap - Lead guitar (yeah, everyone was expecting a big bruiser like him to be a drummer, but whaddya gonna do.)
Roadman - initially plays the 'I'm too old for this shit!' card. Then drums.

10. 10 (Matilda) buys 3 (Terri) a pet for their birthday - what is it and is 3 happy with it?
It's another rat, a friend for Libby. Terri is extremely happy.

11. 1 (Five) gets drunk and reveals an awkward secret about 7 (Curtains) to 2 (Karb) at a party. What was the secret?
It turns out that Curtains is actually afraid of the dark. 

12. 4 (Sammie)'s computer crashes and dies so they ask 9 (Roadman) to fix it. 15 minutes later, what's happening?
Roadman is making a reasonable go of fixing his daughter's computer, because he's fixed the town's generator before and he's damned if he's going to let a computer beat him!

13. 8 (Chinstrap) finds something of 5 (Spark Plug)'s in his/her sock drawer. What is it and how did it get there?
Disappointingly, it's actually socks, and Chinstrap has no idea how or why, because his feet are at least four sizes bigger than Spark Plug's.

14. 6 (Razorback) tries to take over the world. What is their master plan?
He has no master plan. He chooses to rely instead on raw sex appeal :P

15. 10 (Matilda) is a superhero who has to stop 8 (Chinstrap). How does he/she do it?
Aside from being an old warrior and a former wasteland warlord, she's also the mother of two young men not much younger than Chinstrap. It might take something as simple as a good telling off.

16. 9 (Roadman) meets Satan at a party and they both get drunk. What happens?
He gets nervous, because he's done some things in his past he's not proud of, and thinks Satan is implying something. He proceeds to give Satan the stink-eye all evening.

17. 1 (Five) has a secret crush on 5 (Spark Plug). Does it ever get out?
Nah, not in any serious way. She might mention he's a little cutie though.

18. 2 (Karb) is secretly a fanboy/fangirl... but what are they a fanboy/fangirl of?
Well, back when Karb was a young'in, one of the metropolises had a popular pin-up model who appeared on calendars the wasteland over, including the one in Karb's stepdad's garage. Karb was at an impressionable age at the time. It's the sort of childhood crush that stuck.


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Bowen was a blonde girl with dark lips and dusty clothes...
Agressive and androgyne.
She loves a little girl locked in a bird's cage.
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